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Wisłoujście 1628/2024 – Information for historical reenactment groups

Don’t ask the same questions over and over again, check all the information about this year’s Wisłoujście 1628 here!

Wisłoujście 1628 is the sixth edition of the event we organize, this time we take on the role of the troops of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the city of Gdańsk, the crew of the Wisłoujście Fortress during the threat of a Swedish attack in the 17th century. An important part of the event is also recreating the atmosphere and culture of old Gdańsk.

Where: Wisłoujście Fortress – branch of the Gdańsk Museum, ul. Stara Wiedza 1, 80-551 Gdańsk
When: July 5-7, 2024
Contact: Maciej Flis, tel. +48 512 418 731, e-mail

Registration link: Rejestracja uczestników / Event Registration

The entire event will take place in the Wisłoujście Fortress – a branch of the Gdańsk Museum, a unique fortification monument in the world, whose origins date back to the 15th century. In the 17th century, the fortification served as a lighthouse, a control point for ships entering the Vistula, a fleet base and, above all, an external garrison Gdańsk city troops.

In 2024, we will test a new form of the event, this time we will try to jointly recreate the operation of the fortification crew in times of peace and war. We will divide you into ten companies of the fortress garrison (in accordance with the regulations of that period), families living in the fortifications, Commonwealth and Swedish troops, and assign the roles of: officers – Rottmeister, watchmen of the city’s militia, fortress scribe, standard-bearer, chaplain of the local parish, and the chef in charge of kitchen work at the fortress, kitchen help, surgeon, watchmen, craftsmen and marquetians offering their services to the fort crew.

Battle will be carried out in the form of training skirmishes in an area known to you from previous editions. Also alarms for the entire fort crew will appear if enemy forces approach the fortress walls.

Actual info is provided on the Facebook communication list:

Facebook: Wisłoujście 1628/2024 – Reenactment Groups PL / ENG

Basic information for participants:

  1. The event takes place on July 5-7 (Friday-Sunday), 2024; There is the option of earlier arrival and later departure;
  2. The participants will be accommodated on Friday (July 5), and the main part of the event will be held on Saturday (July 4).
  3. Dating of clothing and equipment 1590-1640.
  4. We offer accommodation options:
  • In your own tents on the fort’s bastions and in the forest outside the fort. We do not provide tents.
  • In the barracks rooms. The rooms are empty, you can arrange them according to your own ideas. Accommodation will take place in groups (several people per room) based on notifications in the registration form.
  • Ground floor rooms of tenement houses will be offered to those who provide workshops, crafts, market stands or other activities available to tourists.
Tent camp on the bastion (Fot. M.Krukiewicz, Wolna Kompania Sarmacka)
In the registration form, the option „I am asking for an assignment in the barracks (you must have a bed or a straw mattress)” means the assignment of a room in a barracks. Accommodation takes place in groups of 6-8 people per room (Photo: M.Krukiewicz, Kompania Sarmacka)

5. Wood for fireplaces will be available. There is one bonfire in the Fort’s central place for exercises, making other bonfires is possible on portable and safe fireplaces and with the consent of the organizer (Referring: „I am a friend of organizer” does not mean – consent of the organizer.)

6. There is a toilet with sinks in the Fort. Additionally, from July 4 (Thursday) to July 8 (Monday), a container with showers and sinks will be available.

Shower Container

7. It is possible to finance educational and craft stations that run their activities throughout Saturday (Axe stuck in a tree stump is no longer accepted as a educational station of executioner profession). Station must be discussed and accepted by the organizer and your offer you should send to:

Crafts and educational stations can be accommodated on the ground floor of the fort’s houses.
Foreign groups that have no possibilities to transport their camp (plane travel) can receive one of five rooms on the first floor of the fort houses. Important information – these are empty rooms without furniture.

8. It is possible to co-finance the travel of larger groups of people (8+ people). This is determined on the number of people and the distance from Gdańsk.

We provide the fort’s kitchen to prepare meals. You must bring your own pots and plates.

9. Food: We are provide fort’s kitchen for preparing meals. You must have your own food products. Saturday evening feast financed by the organizer, preparing tables and benches, putting meals on plates on your own.

Rejestracja Uczestników / Event Registration

The main organizer of the event is the Gdańsk Museum

The organizer’s representative and main coordinator is:
Maciej Flis, tel. +48 512418731


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